Oak Sofa Table: Meet another Work of Furniture Art from Sandro Lopez

Created by an industrial designer from Italy, Sandro Lopez, and unveiled at Milan Design Week 2014 quite simple yet extremely elegant Oak Sofa Table is another inspiring piece of furniture in the artist’s collection of works that can add an air of charm and sophistication to any decor. Delicate and perfectly transparent 12 mm glass top laying atop two curving elements made of solid wood allows you to explore an endless variety of perspectives, an overall amount of which will depend on the angle of vision you choose right the moment you are looking at it.


Having applied as always impeccable in its simplicity logic designer had combined two elements that produced both simple and sophisticated design, which can be easily adapted to any modern interior décor and any picky requirement. Touching both the ground and the top of the table base elements made of certified wood (oak or beech) create simply ideal balance that in its turn makes the table beautifully light, airy and almost hovering. Crafted in Italy solely, which ensures the highest quality and authenticity, this model is available in a variety of finishes: natural wood, dark brown or cream for all impressed, enraptured and enchanted.exhibition2-sandrolopez ideas-table-sandrolopez design-table-sandrolopez

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