Nomadic Chair: Take the Process Along

The latest trend, nomadic furniture, takes a totally new approach to the idea of what furniture is, what it can be, and perhaps should be. No nails, screws or glue… This versatile and flexible furniture is a new word in the world where everything is temporary.

Promoting this idea of overall temporality Spanish designer Jorge Penadés created his Nomadic Chair, a detachable structure of which allows assembling and disassembling this piece of furniture within a couple of minutes. Colored (red, blue, green, etc.) metal connectors and simple leather travel sling are the two things you need to take the chair along wherever you go.

Either assembled or disassembled this original piece of furniture will never fail to be noticed. Some people may doubt overall convenience of the chair (carried and being seated on) preferring a more lightweight aluminum item with a fabric seat but that is not the objective the designer wanted to promote: with his work Penadés has emphasized the idea of creating over and over again.

This chair is a part of the general idea pushed forward in his thesis project (Nomadic Studio) and implemented in modular home construction where similar techniques enabling its portability were applied.

nomadic-home-design-system nomadic-chair-series nomadic-furniture-backpack nomadic-kit-of-parts nomadic-backpack-seat

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