Living Things Producing Light and Heat for Your Space

There are many ways to fill the interior space with light and warmth where series of algae-containing furnishings (shapely glass vessels containing organic matter) is not only one of the most creative but functional as well. Applying methods similar to those used by algae-fueled buildings each of these home décor objects is perfectly able to not only generate light and heat but oxygen as well.

Captured by Tom Little Photography LLC, this Spirulina series of fixtures was created by American artists Jacob Douenias and Ethan Frier. Having set rich-hued green cyanobacteria featuring light absorbency into live alkaline water and housing this organic matter into graceful glass vessels the makers have underlined an amazing versatility of one of the most widespread worldwide forms of life widely used in biotechnology that (featuring great culinary qualities, as a matter of fact) is able to not only survive but spread in any environment.

Featuring the most versatile deployment that home décor items can only be capable of this series of organic home furnishings can perfectly fit both living and dining areas; thus, they can sit on the floor, sprout from walls, hang from the ceiling or pop up from tables, etc. All the elements of fixtures are connected by the hidden system of plumbing and wiring, the control over which (up to any appendage) is exercised via a hidden computer system analyzing everything.

You can admire these fascinating Living Things at the Mattress Factory, Museum of Contemporary Art (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) until March 27, 2016. Although these installations are only experimental artistic models and prototypes, we have an opportunity to see how such organic objects as well as other similar ones can be applied in the nearest future in both habitual domestic settings and other created for us – people – surroundings.

Look how it works. There is a workstation with embedded nylon knobs (3D printed). The knobs activate eighteen valves that generate harvesting of Spirulina supplying more fresh alkaline water to the vessels; this can be done when the algae become too dense. The core of this life support system consists of pumps and air pumps, tubes and manifolds, LED drivers, filters and heater connections.

According to the creators this system of shapely hand blown glass vessels can perfectly fill your space with light and heat on the one hand and function as a photobioreactor providing everything what is necessary for these living things like heat and light, air supply and nutrients, agitation and waste control on the other.

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