Exclusive Handcrafted Gentleman’s Item: The Ultimate Dresser by Karv Luxury


Huge and wide hand-sculptured walnut dresser is claimed to be the only thing saying about manliness and creativity of its owner. According to this fact, talented Karv Luxury team has designed and created something special: The Ultimate Valet. The main purpose of this furniture item is to embody the common valet with unique style and extra utility coming together with simple and unobtrusive appearance.

Another aim was to add some interesting and unusual elements of sculpture and craftsmanship to beautify mass produced furniture that is widely spread nowadays: “The way we imagine it, either we allow mechanical manufacturing and monotonous design to overwhelm the market, or we stand up to design something out of this world.” The ideas created by famous craftsman woodworker and artist Jacob Sorenson were realized by traditional master in New Hampshire.

The combinations of cutting edges and traditional craftsmanship are employed in the Ultimate Valet making it exclusive and original. Besides, the item is highly functional and includes UBS charging set for smart phones and a shoe shelf to boost the level of practicality.



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