Energy-Friendly Furniture: Table Climatique

Reducing both cooling and heating costs by 30% and 60% respectively Table Climatique by RaphaëlMénard and Jean-Sébastien Lagrange is able to perfectly maintain room temperature without using external power supplies. This temperature-regulating piece of furniture storing thermal energy is made of wood (solid oak) and metal (grooved aluminum) with inserted PCMs (phase-change materials).

In terms of thermal properties, there are no better materials than wood and aluminum. The oak moderately contributes to the required thermal conductivity while corrugated aluminum is a good thermal conductor providing structural support. Revealing distinctive passive heating and cooling features such a piece of furniture can, certainly, add to the utilized heating system while in moderate climate it can become the only source of heating.

The idea of applying various materials for heat and cold storage and distribution is a common architectural concept. Thus, brick, stone, and concrete are often exposed to the sun during the day to pick up as much heat energy as possible to release the stored warmth at night mitigating this way the night’s temperature. Unlike artificial mechanisms, you cannot control the ones like this; this, however, doesn’t interfere with that state of equilibrium that only natural energy systems can give.

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