Best Bench for Public Places

Debora Mansur and Leonardo Rossano (True Design) designed an interesting and original furniture piece. The DNA molecule inspired that to create this twisting bench. It’s perfect for different public places because it can add a more original touch to any space. If you are interested in DNA inspired designs, you should remember other similar projects, such as the MyDNA bookcase and the Watson Table developed by Joel Escalona and James Watson. Take a look at these furniture pieces. You’ll understand that the DNA bench has higher ranks in its originality and design. Discover the helical DNA structure with its help.

ideas-modern-bench inspirational-modern-bench

You can read official project details given by Rossano and Mansur. They were inspired to create it by biogenetics and its forms. The DNA bench is created only by one section of curved plywood. It’s a unique construction with many seating configurations. This captivating furniture piece has a helix form, and every section creates a seat for one person. The best part is that the DNA bench adds more comfort to public places. Pay attention to its basic concept and incredible functionality. It’s hard to find something simpler and more elegant than this tailored solution.

modern-bench-8 modern-bench-11 modern-bench-10

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