Bedroom Furniture: The Modern Flow and Shape of Modular Iron-ic Bookcases

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The Iron-ic Bookcase created by Ronda Design is textured, versatile, sinuous, and features a natural iron modular frame. It’s all about a snap-together stylish assembly of all module elements. Pay attention to its curvilinear sides because they differentiate this bookcase from others and provide it with an original and wavy look that resembles a perfect zig-zag that is modern and attractive.

modern shelving

The best thing is that this bookcase can fit any surrounding, from modern to classic, and it’s ideal for both official and residential settings. As its designers state, Iron-ic is comprised of module 4 grids that can be easily replicated according to the personal needs of users. Its parameters are 30 cm deep and 72×72 cm.

This bookcase can provide any environment with a more modern look because of its harmonious combination of both vertical and horizontal surfaces shaped in metal sheets, and this is what provides this furniture with a flow and lightness. Besides, the natural finish iron is used to provide it with a more attractive and daring look. If you prefer a softer version, choose a painted white type.

modern shelving unit

The Iron-ic Bookcase improves its customization possibilities because it provides consumers with a variety of module back panels. They are available in different wood finishes, thus, they offer an ultimate bookcase customization designed for safe wall-fastening. Don’t forget that every module comes with a detailed and clear set of instructions for its further composition and assembly. Bases are easily fitted with adjustable feet perfect for uneven floors.

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