7 Designers Try to Reinterpret 7 Chair Series Once Created by Arne Jacobsen

Fritz Hansen strives to preserve the Series 7 Chair top-notch and top for as long time as possible, and no one can blame them. Timeless 1955 design of Arne Jacobsen turns 60 current year. This date is worth celebration as it has been accurately feted with a charming and delightful 60th anniversary of the limited edition discharged by the Danish manufacturer.

New, highly symbolic interpretations of the Series 7 are now widely popular and commonly created. Consisting mainly of 7 items they remind one day popular and exclusive series. Ultimately new furniture items are designed by contemporary artist and architect Fritz Hansen that aims to add personal signature touches to exclusive Jacobsen’s smooth bent plywood shape.


A great number of architects and architectural companies including Jean Nouvel, ZahaHadid and Snohettahas produced versions that vary from eccentric to illuminating — all in perfect fun, of course, but obviously illustrating that it’s a real challenge to advance and develop a true original. Nevertheless, all the copies are unique and original masterpieces that are at the same time practical and functional.

2Modern-Neri-Hu-Series-7-Chair 2Modern-Zaha-Hadid-Series-7-Chair- 2Modern-BIG-Series-7-Chair


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